Unique Sexual Practices


Cults that adopt or encourage sexual practices or beliefs that are widely considered unusual or immoral, including:


Access Consciousness

(alleged promotion of) Pedophilia, Polyamory

Adamites - One of the first sects of Christianity, which encouraged members to get naked and do whatever they want (2nd - 5th century)

Free Love, Nudism

Adidam (Adi Da) - A New Age sect that practiced sexual experimentation and received several allegations of abuse (1972 - present)

Nudism, Polygamy, Experimentation, Sex Lives Controlled by Leader

Agape Ministries - A doomsday cult which planned to trap members on an island and reportedly intended to kill disobedient followers (1980s - 2010s)

Child Brides, Procreation

Aghori - Hindu ascetics who indulge in taboo practices, such as cannibalism and necrophilia (18th c - present)

Necrophilia, Nudism

Alamo Christian Foundation - Run by a successful televangelist who trafficked children for sex and had an unhealthy obsession with his dead wife (1969 - present)

Child Brides, Polygamy

Antinomianism, Free Love, Nudism, Sex with Leader

Free Love

Castration, Group Sex, Homosexual Requirements, Necrophilia, Nudism, Pedophilia, Polygamy, Prostitution, Sex with Leader

Free Love, Polygamy, Sex Lives Controlled by Leader

Sex Lives Controlled by Leader


Free Love, Nudism


Celibacy, Child Brides, Pedophilia, Polygamy, Sex Lives Controlled by Leader, Sex With Leader

The Brethren (Jim Roberts Group) - A very secretive sect of nomadic Christians, who eat out of dumpsters and forbid laughing and playing (1971 - present)


Antinomianism, Incest, Nudism, P'ikareum, Spiritual Eroticism


Antinomianism, Free Love, Incest, Nudism, Pedophilia, Polygamy, Procreation, Prostitution, Sex With Leader, Spiritual Eroticism


Christian Assemblies International cult - A fundamentalist church that was caught running a secret homosexual sex ring

Homosexual Requirements

Christian Gospel Mission (Providence) - An international cult that has tricked several hundred women into having sex with the leader in exchange for salvation (1980 - present)

Forced Procreation, P'ikareum


Page: Church of the Last Testament (Vissarion)

Child Brides, Polygamy

The Circle (Nathan Chasing Horse) - A Dances with Wolves actor that was caught running a cult and arrested for various sexual crimes

Child Brides, Polygamy, Prostitution

Free Love

Faithful Word Baptist Church (Steven Anderson) - A church that calls for the death of homosexuals, denies the holocaust, and praises terrorists (2005 - present)


Fellowship of Friends

Sex Lives Controlled by Leader

Hannah Frisby

Polyamory; Polygamy

Homosexual Requirements, Sex Lives Controlled by Leader

Castration, Celibacy

Celibacy (encouraged), Masturbation (allowed)

Knights of the Crystal Blade

Child Brides, Pedophilia, Polygamy, Sex with Leader

Free Love, Prostitution (allegedly encouraged), Sexual Experimentation

Incest, Pedophilia, Sex with Leader

Sex Lives Controlled by Leader

Procreation, Wives are Required to Remain Sexually Available to their Husbands

Nudist Christian Church of the Blessed Virgin Jesus


Pedophilia, Polygamy, Sex with Leader

Sex Lives Controlled by Leader, Sex with Leader

Celibacy, Homosexual Requirements, Sex lives Controlled by Leader, Sex with Leader, 

Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (Exclusive Brethren)




Silinde u-Yesu (Awaiting Christ Church)


Twelve Tribes Communities

Sex Lives Controlled By Leader

The Way International

Antinomianism, Sex with Leader

Word of Faith Fellowship - A church in which the leader controls every aspect of member's lives and members are ritualistically abused as a form of exorcism (1979 - present)

Sex Lives Controlled by Leader

The Work (Brother Julius) - A wealthy cult that chopped the leader into pieces, believing it was the will of God

Free Love, Polygamy, Sex with Leader