Adidam (Adi Da)

A New Age sect that practiced sexual experimentation and received several allegations of abuse

1972 - present

Adi Da, founder of Adidam
Adi Da (founder)

Adi Da, the founder of Adidam, grew up in a Christian household and planned on becoming a Lutheran pastor. However, he began to experience doubts about his Lutheran Faith. After earning degrees at Columbia and Stanford University, joining various religious movements, and experimenting with a considerable amount of psychedelics, he emerged as a religious leader of a new religious movement influenced largely by Hindu religious traditions.

His teachings soon became increasingly unconventional, advocating non-traditional sexual practices, encouraging the spiritual use of psychedelic drugs, and denouncing moral norms. Shortly after he moved to Fiji to live communally with a core group of followers, various people began publicly accusing Adi Da of abuse and misconduct, resulting in widespread media coverage and multiple lawsuits against the cult. However, Adi Da was not convicted of any wrongdoing and continued to maintain his following.

Adi Da passed away in 2008, but his movement continues through his followers.

Religion: New Age

Founder: Franklin Albert Jones ("Adi Da Samraj")

Founded: 1972

Size: 1,800

Location: California, United States

Also called: The Dawn Horse Communion; the Free Communion Church; the Laughing Man Institute; the Crazy Wisdom Fellowship; the Way of Divine Ignorance; and the Johannine Daist Communion


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