Bohemian Adamites

Nude Christian Anarchists who pillaged the local towns

15th century

In the 15th century, Bohemia was a center of religious dissent. One group, split from the Taborites, adopted beliefs and practices nearly identical to the Adamites of the early church, who were a primitivist group known for their nudism, free love, anarchism, and rejection of private property. After several members were executed, they relocated to a remote island, surviving by pillaging local communities. After several months, the island was stormed, and every member was killed.

Religion: Christianity

Denomination: Hussites

Founder: Peter Kanis

Founded: 15th c in Tabor

Ended: 1421, although allegedly still existed into the 1790s

Location: Nezarka river, Bohemia

Also called: Pikarti

Size: about 200

See also: Adamites

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