Sexual Allegations


At least one person, who is either connected to the organization or has investigated it, has made accusations of sexual misconduct against a leader. Note: This tag does not mean that the allegations were substantiated, or that the leaders were convicted of any charges.


Alamo Christian Foundation - Run by a successful televangelist who trafficked children for sex and had an unhealthy obsession with his dead wife (1969 - present)
Christian Assemblies International cult - A fundamentalist church that was caught running a secret homosexual sex ring
Christian Gospel Mission (Providence) - An international cult that has tricked several hundred women into having sex with the leader in exchange for salvation (1980 - present)
The Circle (Nathan Chasing Horse) - A Dances with Wolves actor that was caught running a cult and arrested for various sexual crimes
Fellowship of Friends
Hannah Frisby
International House of Prayer (IHOPKC)
Jehovah's Witnesses - A prominent denomination, which believes the end times have already begun
New Light of God (Nueva Luz de Dios)
Nudist Christian Church of the Blessed Virgin Jesus
Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (Exclusive Brethren)
Twelve Tribes Communities
The Way International
Word of Faith Fellowship - A church in which the leader controls every aspect of member's lives and members are ritualistically abused as a form of exorcism (1979 - present)