Cults whose members live together or share property in common.


Aggressive Christianity Missionary Training Corps - A Fundamentalist Christian sect that harbored and sexually abused children for years (1981 - present)
Alamo Christian Foundation - Run by a successful televangelist who trafficked children for sex and had an unhealthy obsession with his dead wife (1969 - present)
Art of Living Foundation
Page: Church of the Last Testament (Vissarion)
Diggers (True Levellers)
Fellowship of Friends
Hannah Frisby
Silinde u-Yesu (Awaiting Christ Church)
True Russian Orthodox Church - A suicidal doomsday cult that isolated themselves in a cave in anticipation of the coming apocalypse (early 2000s - 2008)
Twelve Tribes Communities
The Way International
Devra West
Word of Faith Fellowship - A church in which the leader controls every aspect of member's lives and members are ritualistically abused as a form of exorcism (1979 - present)