The Circle (Nathan Chasing Horse)

A Dances with Wolves actor that was caught running a cult and arrested for various sexual crimes

(2000s - present)

Nathan Chasing Horse, also known by his full name "Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse," is a Native American actor who gained notoriety for his role in the film Dances with Wolves. He also worked as a medicine man across the United States and Canada. However, his reputation was marred by accusations of running a cult called "The Circle." Members of the Fort Beck tribe in Montana initially sought his services as a medicine man after others in the area were convicted of sexual offenses. Unfortunately, Chasing Horse himself faced similar allegations, leading to his banishment from the reservation.

Despite support from some followers who believed in his innocence, Chasing Horse's actions came under greater scrutiny in 2023 when law enforcement conducted a raid on his residence and arrested him on charges of sexual misconduct towards both adults and children. An investigation revealed reports that he had been leading a cult for years, taking multiple wives, and even selling girls for sex. In addition, he allegedly gave his followers suicide pills and instructed them on how to use firearms against law enforcement. Chasing Horse is currently facing trial for his crimes.

Religion: Native American Medicine Man

Leader: Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse ("Nathan Chasing Horse")

Founded: 2000s

Location: United States and Canada