Grace Road Church

After the leader convinced members to move to an island, she stole their passports, beat her followers, and forced them to work without pay

2002 - present

Shin Ok-ju (leader)

Grace Road Church is a cult founded by Shin Ok-ju in 2002 in the Christian tradition. Ok-ju convinced her followers to move with her to Fiji in 2014 to survive an upcoming apocalypse. However, when members arrived, their passports were taken away, and they had to endure physical abuse and forced labor without pay. Eventually, after four members escaped and spoke to authorities, the Korean government arrested Ok-ju and sentenced her to six years in prison. On the other hand, the Fiji government highly praised this group, leading to accusations of government corruption.

Religion: Christianity

Denomination: Other

Leader: Shin Ok-ju

Founded: 2002 in South Korea 

Size: 1,000

Location: Fiji 

Shin Ok-ju publicly beating a church member during a service

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