Church of the Last Testament (Vissarion)

An enchanted Serbian community led by the second coming of Jesus

1991 - present

The Church of the Last Testament was founded in 1991 by Vissarion, the self-proclaimed reincarnation of Jesus Christ in the remote Siberian region of Russia, and has attracted tens of thousands of followers worldwide.

The Church's tenets emphasize living in harmony with nature, rejecting modern society, and following strict rules like abstaining from smoking, alcohol, and meat. Members of the sect have given up their possessions and moved to the isolated village of Petropavlovka, where they live in self-sufficient communities.

The Church of the Last Testament has attracted its share of criticism, though, with some calling it a dangerous cult. In 2020, the Russian government arrested Vissarion, accusing him of causing psychological harm to his followers. This arrest dealt a significant blow to the sect, which had already been facing increased government scrutiny. However, as Vissarion has remained imprisoned for years with no indictment brought against him or scheduled trial, many have questioned the Russian government's motivation for this attack, suspecting that it might be connected with an attempt to secure the valuable land the commune lives on and profit from the natural resources.

Despite Vissarion's arrest, the Church of the Last Testament continues to operate. While the group's followers remain fiercely loyal, Vissarion's arrest has brought the sect into the public eye, sparking debates about its future. Will Vissarion's arrest mark the beginning of the end for the Church of the Last Testament, or will it emerge stronger than ever? Only time will tell.

Religion: Christianity

Denomination: Syncretist

Founder: Vissarion (SergeI Torop)

Founded: 18 August 1991

Location: Petropavlovka, Siberia, Russia

Size: 50,000 (worldwide)

Also called: Community of United Faith





Dietary Restrictions


Hate Group



Renunciation of Private Property

Separation from World


Unique Sexual Practices

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