Christ Family

Nomadic Christians who grew drugs and believed that their leader was the second coming of Jesus

1960s - 1985

Lightning Amen (right) playing pool with followers

In the 1960s, a man who called himself "Lightning Amen" traveled around the desert with a group of followers who believed he was Jesus. Although he gained a wide following, surprisingly little is written about this movement. His followers lived a nomadic and homeless lifestyle, sleeping in parks and sometimes eating out of dumpsters. However, they are probably most famous for their drug use, which has gotten them in trouble with the law on multiple occasions. While this group officially dissolved in 1985, it likely still exists in some form, although the members would be living a much more private lifestyle than in previous years.

Religion: Christianity

Denomination: Other

Founder: Charles Franklin Hughes ("Lightning Amen")

Founded: Early 1960s

Ended: 1985

Size: about 2,000 nationwide

Location: Around the United States, especially in California. Places included Sage, CA; Washington DC; Key West, FL; Blythe, CA; Yuma County, AZ

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