Organizations that have been credibly accused or convicted of actions that are generally considered to be abusive. Since there are separate tags for sexual abuse, child abuse, and financial misconduct, this tag mostly focuses on documented physical or mental abuse towards members.


Access Consciousness
Adidam (Adi Da) - A New Age sect that practiced sexual experimentation and received several allegations of abuse (1972 - present)
Aggressive Christianity Missionary Training Corps - A Fundamentalist Christian sect that harbored and sexually abused children for years (1981 - present)
Alamo Christian Foundation - Run by a successful televangelist who trafficked children for sex and had an unhealthy obsession with his dead wife (1969 - present)
Art of Living Foundation
Christian Assemblies International cult - A fundamentalist church that was caught running a secret homosexual sex ring
Page: Church of the Last Testament (Vissarion)
Hannah Frisby
International House of Prayer (IHOPKC)
Jehovah's Witnesses - A prominent denomination, which believes the end times have already begun
New Light of God (Nueva Luz de Dios)
People of Praise
Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (Exclusive Brethren)
Twelve Tribes Communities
The Way International
Devra West
Word of Faith Fellowship - A church in which the leader controls every aspect of member's lives and members are ritualistically abused as a form of exorcism (1979 - present)