Hannah Frisby

Ran a Satanic cult that held a woman captive as a breeder and sex slave


"Help me. They won’t let me leave. They beat me every day like a slave" -Victim

Hannah Frisby is a cult leader who, according to court documents, severely abused a woman who was held captive as a sex slave.

In what started out as a polyamorous relationship, Hannah Frisby reportedly told a woman she “didn’t do long distance,” so the woman would have to move in with her. After the victim moved in, she found herself caught in a cult. Hannah allegedly forced her to renounce her Christian faith and to sacrifice a puppy to the cult's gods. She was held captive as a breeder to create children for the men and was allegedly raped if she refused sex. She also suffered from extreme physical abuse as well, such as being forced into a scalding hot bath and made to scrub herself with a bleach-covered brush in front of the others to rid her of “evil spirits” after she self-harmed.

The victim was eventually rescued thanks to the help of her concerned sister. When the sister stopped by for a visit, the victim asked her "how is Freddy?" — code that she needed help. Her sister handed her a notebook to read poetry out of, giving the victim a chance to write "Help me. They won’t let me leave. They beat me every day like a slave."

Police arrived later that day, and arrested Frisby and her husbands. Hannah Frisby was charged with first-degree rape, ritualistic acts, and aggravated battery. One man, Justin Cowart, was charged with first-degree rape and aggravated battery, and two other men, Caleb Frisby and Tommy Allen, were both charged with aggravated battery.

Religion: Paganism/Folk Religions (Witchcraft, Vikingism, Satanism)

Leader: Hannah Frisby

Location: West Monroe, Louisana, USA

Size: 5

The victim reportedly had her phone taken away and was imprisoned in the house (source)