Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association

A church that has committed mass murder and infiltrated the local government

1965 - present

When Ruben Ecleo Jr became the new leader of the church that his father started, it wasn't very long before he started getting into some shady business. While running his church, he also became the mayor of San Jose and orchestrated a scheme that would later cause him to be sentenced to thirty years in prison. After this, he developed a drug addiction and murdered his wife. However, even with his corruption, he still had millions of people who swore an oath to him and were willing to die for him.

When the police came to arrest him, his followers stood by his side, launching an attack against the authorities, which killed 23 people. They went on to kill the family of his dead wife and members of other religious sects. Because of the devotion of his violent followers, Ecleo Jr has not been caught and is still on the run.

Religion: Syncretist

Founder: Ruben Edera Ecleo Sr.

Founded: 1965

Location: Dinagat, Philippines

Size: 1 Million

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