Lord Our Righteousness Church

A man convinced his followers he was Christ, but was later imprisoned for sexual contact with minors


Wayne Bent (founder)

Lord our Righteousness Church is a cult founded by Wayne Bent (born Michael Travesser) in 2000. Believing God told him he was the messiah Bent moved to New Mexico with his followers and waited for the apocalypse. However, things started to go downhill for Bent when God told him that he must sleep with seven virgins, lay in bed with naked children, and have sex with his daughter-in-law. Eventually, authorities took children from the compound, and Bent was imprisoned for his actions. In 2016, he was released from prison and later wrote a book about his experiences.

Religion: Christianity

Denomination: Other

Founder: Wayne Curtis Bent ("Michael Travesser")

Founded: 1987

Location: Union County, New Mexico, US

Size: 50 (2008)

Also called: The Strong City sect

Bent with several followers
Wayne Bent with a follower

Documentary on the cult, focusing on the legal troubles of the leader