Aggressive Christianity Missionary Training Corps

A Fundamentalist Christian sect that harbored and sexually abused children for years

1981 - present

Deborah Green, co-founder of Aggressive Christianity Training Corps, getting arrested
Deborah Green (co-founder)

The Aggressive Christianity Missionary Training Corps (ACMTC), also called the Army of God or God's Army, is a cult whose dark past was first brought to light by Maura Schmierer. Founded by James and Deborah Green in 1971, the group started as a church with a strict military structure inspired by the Salvation Army.

Despite growing in popularity, ACMTC's leaders were hit with serious allegations of abuse and misconduct by former members. Then, in a shocking turn of events, the Greens went on the run after being sued by their former followers, and the court seized all cult's buildings. Not willing to face the charges, the remaining members destroyed the buildings, moved to a new location, and adopted a new name.

After years of isolation, Jim and Deborah Green's troubles caught up with them in the late 1990s. After the cult illegally purchased a child, members went on the run, afraid the child's family would try to retrieve her. However, this did little to protect them as media scrutiny became relentless and former members spoke out against the abuse they endured.

In 2017, justice finally caught up with the Greens and their followers, as they were arrested on hundreds of counts of child rape and other crimes. Deborah received a staggering 72-year prison sentence, while Jim was sentenced to 10 years. Investigations into other members of the group are ongoing.

Religion: Christianity

Denomination: Fundamentalism

Founders: James ("Jim") and Deborah ("Lila") Green

Founded: 1981 in Sacramento, California, United States

Location: Gallup and Fence Lake, New Mexico, United States

Also Called: Holy Tribal Nation; Free Love Ministries; Life Force Team; Death Force Team

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