The most catastrophic failed doomsday prediction in recent history

1831 - 1845

After an extensive study of Biblical prophecies, William Miller believed that the end of the world was imminent and that he must warn everyone. Throughout the 1840s, his research was distributed throughout America, sparking a national movement as up to one million people traveled to hear him speak. Eventually, he announced the exact date of the apocalypse, and his followers started giving away everything they owned in anticipation. However, the predicted date came and went, and nothing happened.

This event shook the nation and became one of the most significant historical events in American history due to its devastating and life-changing impact on such a large number of people. Thousands of Americans were left without jobs or property, and the widespread ridicule against them prevented them from reintegrating into society.

While many people left the movement after the prediction was proven false, others had already given up too much or were already too convinced of Miller's teachings to simply abandon their faith. These members started to band together and formed many radical sects, such as the Seventh-Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Branch Davidians.

Religion: Christianity

Denomination: Adventist (precursor)

Founder: William Miller

Location: Northeastern United States, especially New York

Founded: 1831

Ended: 1845

Size: 100,000

Probably the most famous publication by William Miller, in which he explains that Bible prophecy points to an imminent apocalypse

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