Gruppo del Rosario (Rosary Prayer Group)

Italian cult that attempted to destroy evil through human sacrifice

1973 - 1989

"There was no choice: we had to suppress a creature now possessed by Satan" -Lidia Naccarato (founder)

 In 1972 Lidia Naccarato and her uncle Antonio Naccarato started receiving visions from God, which evolved into an organized religion the following year. After Antonio's died, he spoke to Lidia through divine revelation and revealed that he was going to be resurrected to conquer the world's evil. However, when the foretold date occurred with no resurrection, Lidia received another revelation that Peter, one of the sect's members, had made a pact with Satan to prevent it from happening. Therefore, they decided to murder him, believing it would rid the world of evil.

When the police came, they found 30 members in white robes standing in a circle around an altar with images of saints and Antonio and Peter's dead body sealed in a room.

Religion: Christianity

Denomination: Catholicism

Founder: Antonio Naccarato

Leader: Lidia Naccarato

Founded: 1973

Ended: 1989 (remnants existed as late as 2010)

Location: Turin, Italy

Size: 1,000

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