Agape Ministries

A doomsday cult which planned to trap members on an island and reportedly intended to kill disobedient followers

1980s - 2010s

Rocco Leo, the leader of Agape Ministries, with a follower
Rocco Leo (right) hid from authorities while being charged with over 100 counts of fraud

Agape Christian Ministries was a ministry founded in the 1980s by Rocco Leo. As a child, Leo was appointed by his father as a prophet of God and claimed he received divine powers after a near-death experience when he was four. Throughout his life, he got in legal trouble for theft and running a brothel, but dedicated his life to God in prison and later started a church.

Agape Ministries wasn't particularly unique in its early years and attracted followers due to miraculous faith healings that baffled doctors. However, they became more radical as time went on. Eventually, Leo started preaching a doomsday message and told followers to donate all their money to the church and move to an island to survive. 

After authorities became aware of Agape Ministries, they raided the property and discovered the cult was stockpiling mass amounts of illegal weapons and training members to use them against police and locals. The leaders had also been planning to send members to the island, prevent them from leaving, and murder those who were disobedient, according to former members.

Some members got arrested for their involvement, but Leo, who had made millions, went on the run. He was captured about a year later and had to face over 100 charges of fraud for his actions.

Religion: Christianity

Denomination: Other

Founder: Rocco Leo ("Brother Rock/Roc"; "Pastor Leo")

Founded: 1980s

Ended: 2010s (uncertain when, or if, the church officially dissolved, although Pastor Leo still has supporters today)

Location: Oakden, Australia; Fiji

Size: 60

Other Names: House of God

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Short News Report

Amateur documentary in support of the cult (see also parts two, three, and four)