Devra West

A new age guru with a long history of financial misconduct and reports of abuse

1995 - present

"If you ever saw me heal, you'd be down on your knees crying like a friggin' baby" -Devra West (image via therishi)

Devra West has captivated public attention with her unique blend of spirituality. However, beneath the surface of these lofty claims, a darker narrative unfolded, one rife with accusations of manipulation, intimidation, and financial exploitation.

At the heart of West's appeal was her promise of spiritual awakening. Followers are drawn to her magnetic personality and her assurances of personal transformation. She eventually established a community where her teachings were central, blending traditional spiritual practices with her own unique methods. This community, to outsiders, appeared dedicated to higher learning and self-improvement, but former members tell a different story.

Allegations began to surface from ex-followers who accused West of employing psychologically manipulative tactics to maintain control over her followers. These accounts describe an environment of fear and submission, where questioning West's authority or teachings was not tolerated. Some former members detailed how West demanded significant financial contributions, leading them to financial ruin. These contributions, they claimed, were presented as necessary sacrifices for their spiritual journey, but were allegedly used to fund West's lavish lifestyle.

The legal battles that ensued added another layer to the controversy. West faced lawsuits and legal actions from former followers seeking justice and reparation for the alleged abuses they suffered. These legal confrontations often became heated, with West and her legal team aggressively defending her practices and her character.

Despite the mounting controversies, West maintains a loyal following. Her supporters view her as a misunderstood visionary, unfairly targeted due to her unconventional approach to spirituality. They argue that her methods, though unorthodox, were effective in bringing about profound personal transformations.

Religion: New Age

Founder: Devra Patton West ("Surya Ma")

Founded: around 1995

Location: Sedona, AZ

Also Called: Devra Ji; Divine Unity Foundation (name of Devra's organization)


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