Chen Tao

A group that gave up everything to await the upcoming apocalypse, only to discover that they were wrong

1993 - present

“I would highly recommend anybody not believe what I said anymore” -Chen Hong-min (Founder)

Chen Tao was founded in Taiwan by Chen Hong-min in 1993, mixing beliefs from Christian, Buddhist, and New Age traditions.  Hong-min developed pseudo-scientific ideas about the universe's origins and predicted the return of Jesus Christ in 1999. Due to the recent mass suicide of the Heaven's Gate community, Chen Tao received a lot of media coverage, with many falsely assuming that they would also commit mass suicide. As has been the case with many other cults, Chen Tao's predicted date of the apocalypse also passed without the prophecies coming true. As a result, Hong-min admitted that he was mistaken and offered to be executed for misleading his followers. After this, the group essentially disbanded, although a few followers have persisted today.

Religion: Christianity; New Age; Buddhism

Denomination: Syncretism

Founder: Chen Hong-min

Founded: 1993 in Pei-pu, Taiwan

Location: Garland, Texas, US; San Dimas, California, US

Size: 30-150

Also called: True Way; Soul Light Resurgence Association; God’s Salvation Church; God Saves the Earth Flying Saucer Foundation;  God and Buddha Salvation Foundation; The Chinese Association of Light of Soul Grand True Way (schism)

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