Congregation for the Light

A very secretive and elite UFO cult whose members are undergoing weapons training in preparation for an upcoming apocalypse

1960s - present

Former member holding an owl, one of their secret symbols. The owl represents the fact that they are always being watched and symbols like this must be present on every single piece of artwork or trinket in their homes.

The Congregation for the Light is a highly secretive "cult next door" operating for decades while remaining almost entirely undetected by neighbors. Members trace its origins back to the 19th century when a husband and wife simultaneously had the same dream that taught them various religious truths. Since then, the cult has endured under various leaders, who teach that members had been connected in previous lives and collectively descended from a master race that lived on Atlantis.

Due to the highly secretive nature of this cult, little information is known. According to former members and investigative journalists, the cult comprises elite and wealthy individuals who adopt its New Age beliefs. They follow strict rules to isolate themselves from outside influence, endure abuse from the leaders and are currently training with weapons for an upcoming apocalypse. However, since the presence of this cult was first reported in the media, they moved to a different area, further protecting themselves from the public eye.

In many ways, this cult is eerily similar to the Order of the Solar Temple, a secretive suicide cult comprised of elite members of society. However, due to the mysterious nature of this organization, it is difficult to know what their future holds or any danger they might pose.

Religion: New Age

Founder: "The Wyeths" (according to tradition)

Founded: as late as the 1960's, possibly as early as the 19th century

Size: 200

Location: Harrison, New York, United States (most well known location was in Manhattan, but they sold that property and moved in December 2017)

Also called: The Light

View of their inconspicuous  Manhattan headquarters, before they relocated

Tom Baer, the cult's leader as of 2014

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