Ripper Crew

A Satanic cult, which practiced cannibalism and necrophilia and is responsible for the murders of several women

1981 - 1982

Warning: This page contains graphic information concerning ritualistic murder which some readers may find disturbing

Ripper Crew (Chicago Rippers)
"Only a devil would do these things. An animal would not do these things. A monster would."- Judge Francis J. Mahon

The Ripper Crew, also known as the Chicago Rippers, was a satanic cult that was responsible for a string of horrific murders that shocked the nation in the early 1980s. Their reign of terror began in 1982 when several women were brutally murdered with the same ritualistic mutilations. The police were at a loss to identify the culprits, and the public was left in a state of fear and panic. However, one woman managed to survive the cult's brutal attacks, and her bravery ultimately led to the capture of four individuals who were part of the group.

Further investigations revealed that the Ripper Crew was not only involved in ritualistic murders but also engaged in cannibalism and necrophilia. Adding another layer of darkness to the story, Robin Gecht, the cult's ringleader, was seen as a respected family man by his community; yet, he had also worked for the infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

In the end, members were held accountable for their actions. One of the Chicago Rippers was released on parole in 2019, while another received a life sentence without parole and a third member was executed under the death penalty. However, the ringleader of the group was never prosecuted for his involvement and went on to commit another heinous crime, brutally raping a woman and leaving her for dead.

Religion: Satanism

Leader: Robin Gecht

Founded: 1981

Ended: 1982

Size: 4

Location: Chicago, Illinois, US

Also called: Chicago Rippers

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