Creciendo en Gracia (Growing in Grace) 

A Christian organization led by the self-proclaimed Antichrist

1988 - 2013

José Luis de Jesús Miranda (leader)

José Luis de Jesús Miranda had a rough upbringing, with a history of theft and heroin addiction by age 14. However, he later converted to Christianity and became a Baptist pastor.

In 1973, though, he received a spiritual vision that inspired him to start his own religious movement, which became increasingly unorthodox. He believed he was the second coming of Jesus and preached only from the four gospels, but later claimed to be Paul's reincarnation and focused his ministry on the Pauline epistles instead. By 2006, he declared himself to be the Antichrist because of his belief that we are no longer bound to the teachings of Jesus, and his followers started tattooing "666" on their bodies as a sign of support.

Even though he claimed to be immortal, Miranda died in 2013, marking the end of his church. Most members distanced themselves from the movement after his death. However, the more devoted followers started splinter groups and continue to follow his teachings.

Religion: Christianity

Denomination: Other

Founder: José Luis de Jesús Miranda ("el Jesucristo Hombre [Jesus Christ, the Man]"; "Melchizedek")

Founded: 1988

Ended: 2013

Size: 100,000

Location: Miami, Florida, United States

José Luis de Jesús Miranda (leader)

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