Many flocked to this leader who claimed he could not be harmed, but he lost his following after a critic beat him up

1794 - 1798

Dorrell refused to wear leather, due to his strict vegetarian views, so he wore shoes made of wood and cloth

The Dorrellites were a communal group that existed shortly after the founding of America. The leader, William Dorrell claimed he was not able to be harmed, so when a critic physically assaulted him until he was begging for mercy, it caused conflict in the community, leading to the community's demise. Dorrell's reputation never recovered from his defeat, and he became an outcast from the rest of society, spending the rest of his life as an alcoholic until he eventually committed suicide. Unfortunately, very little information about this organization has survived into the present day.

Religion: Christianity

Denomination: Other

Founder: William Dorrell

Founded: 1794

Ended: 1798

Size: 100

Locations: Near Guilford, Vermont, USA; second location in northwest Massachusetts

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