Heartland Christian Academy

A Christian school for at-risk students, which is facing several accusations of child abuse

1996 - present

"It is a terrible place for people that don't want to change. It’s right close to Hell because we want to show them what Hell is gonna be like when they get there. ”  - Charles Sharpe (founder)

Heartland Christian Academy is a small-town Christian boarding school for at-risk teens with criminal pasts, drug addictions, and other backgrounds. Administrators intend to provide a solid moral upbringing for these students in a Christian environment that focuses on rural living. However, critics have challenged discipline practices, claiming that they are abusive. However, these allegations have not been held up in court, and the school is still operating.

Religion: Christian

Denomination: Evangelicalism

Founder: Charles Sharpe

Founded: 1996

Location: Bethel, Missouri

Size: 200 students

Other Info: