Christian Assemblies International

A fundamentalist church that was caught running a secret homosexual sex ring

1970s - present

Christian Assemblies International originally appeared to be a regular church. Scott Williams was a friendly, outgoing pastor that hosted cookouts and preached a Pentecostal message. However, he was soon able to manipulate his congregation into doing his bidding.

Proclaiming that he was the "anointed one" of God and that the end of the world was imminent, Williams secured the devotion of his followers. He demanded that members give him money, going as far as to fine people and launch investigations when he believed his followers were not paying him enough. Using this money, he built a multi-million dollar property portfolio and forced his followers to renovate his properties day and night, severely punishing them if they did not obey. His attitude towards women also became increasingly hateful, even demanding their husbands beat them with a rod.

Probably the most unique aspect of this fundamentalist church was its homosexual tendencies. Williams, who notably targeted young men to join his church, told the men that they must have deeper connections with other men than they do with their wives. He organized regular massage sessions, where up to 80 men would get naked and massage each other. Williams would close these sessions by telling a member that they needed to stay with him that night for private instruction, where he would force them to engage in non-consensual sex acts. Eventually, the men who suffered this sexual abuse stood up to him and took him to court. Soon after, a news station conducted a 4-year investigation into the cult, bringing William's abuses into the public eye in 2014.

Williams died the year after his abuses were publicized, and the church continues under new leadership.

Religion: Christianity

Denomination: Pentecostalism

Founder: Scott Williams 

Founded: late 1970s in Feldafing, Germany

Location: Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

Also called: Christian Assemblies Europe International; Christian Assemblies Europe

Pastor Scott Williams

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