Cults whose leader claims to be, or is believed to be, a person with special access to God. This can include claims that the leader is God, the reincarnation of Christ, or a divine prophet.


Access Consciousness
Adidam (Adi Da) - A New Age sect that practiced sexual experimentation and received several allegations of abuse (1972 - present)
Agape Ministries - A doomsday cult which planned to trap members on an island and reportedly intended to kill disobedient followers (1980s - 2010s)
Aggressive Christianity Missionary Training Corps - A Fundamentalist Christian sect that harbored and sexually abused children for years (1981 - present)
Art of Living Foundation
Christian Assemblies International cult - A fundamentalist church that was caught running a secret homosexual sex ring
Christian Gospel Mission (Providence) - An international cult that has tricked several hundred women into having sex with the leader in exchange for salvation (1980 - present)
Page: Church of the Last Testament (Vissarion)
The Circle (Nathan Chasing Horse) - A Dances with Wolves actor that was caught running a cult and arrested for various sexual crimes
Chad and Lori Daybell
The Family - An Australian sect that illegally took 14 children and severely abused them for several years (1964 - present)
Fellowship of Friends
International House of Prayer (IHOPKC)
Knights of the Crystal Blade
New Light of God (Nueva Luz de Dios)
Nudist Christian Church of the Blessed Virgin Jesus
People of Praise
Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (Exclusive Brethren)
Silinde u-Yesu (Awaiting Christ Church)
True Russian Orthodox Church - A suicidal doomsday cult that isolated themselves in a cave in anticipation of the coming apocalypse (early 2000s - 2008)
Twelve Tribes Communities
Devra West
Word of Faith Fellowship - A church in which the leader controls every aspect of member's lives and members are ritualistically abused as a form of exorcism (1979 - present)
The Work (Brother Julius) - A wealthy cult that chopped the leader into pieces, believing it was the will of God