Nudist Christian Church of the Blessed Virgin Jesus

Christians who believe nudism will solve the world's problems

(1982 - present)

Founder Zevs Cosmos (via Imgur)

A Christian sect that practices nudism which founded in the 1980s by a man who goes by the name Zevs Cosmos, who claimed God commanded him to travel to an area near the Utah-Arizona border in 1985. Once there, Jesus and an angel appeared to him naked and told him to go to a cave on a nearby ridge, where he received a new revelation to be added to the Bible after the Book of Revelation, which he called The Book of Zevs. This revelation instructed Zevs Cosmos to build a nudist city called Cosmos near the Grand Canyon and condemns Mormonism for their practice of polygamy and their belief in the inferiority of black people. The church teaches that pornography, crime and other social problems would be solved if society would adopt a nudist lifestyle and are also against female genital mutilation and male circumcision.

This organization is still active, most likely in the Los Angeles area, but appears to be little more than just the leader.

Religion: Christianity

Founder: Zevs Cosmos (born Esyedepa Aesfyza)

Founded: 1982

Location: United States and Canada

Size: 50 as of 1984

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A flyer advertising the church (via Gale)

Sexual Allegations

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Founder Zevs Cosmos (via Imgur)

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