Garbage Eaters (Jim Roberts Group)

A very secretive sect of nomadic Christians, who eat out of dumpsters and forbid laughing and playing

1971 - present

Garbage Eaters (The Brethren/Jim Roberts Group)

Jim Robert's Garbage Eater's cult is an organization shrouded in secrecy and controversy. Also known as "the Brethren," this group does not have an official name and believes in the imminent second coming of Christ. Members live a nomadic lifestyle, rejecting private property and shunning laughter and play. Instead, they dedicate their entire lives to preparing for the apocalypse.

As a result of their rejection of private property, the Jim Roberts cult is forced to get their food from dumpsters, which has led some to label them the "garbage eaters cult." Despite this, the group tends to attract highly successful students around college age, perhaps due to the allure of their esoteric beliefs.

However, the group's secrecy has caused concern for many. Several parents have had children who met members of the Jim Roberts cult, only to suddenly disappear without a trace. Worse, the group's constant travels and lack of a permanent home make it virtually impossible to find them. This has left family members in the dark, with no communication from their loved ones, and no way to know if they are alive or dead, happy or suffering.

Religion: Christianity

Denomination: Jesus Movement

Founder: Jimmie T. Roberts ("Jim Roberts"; "Brother Evangelist"; "Elder Evangelist")

Founded: 1971

Location: United States

Size: 60 (2018)

Other Names: Body of Christ; Brothers and Sisters; The Garbage Eaters; The Brothers; The Church; The Assembly

See also: Christ Family, who has similar nomadic practices

Other Info:

Jim Guerra was recruited during his sophomore year at Harvard College into the religious cult known as “The Brethren” or “The Garbage Eaters”. For the next decade, Jim was transformed from a happy, self-confident Christian college student to a highly controlled devout follower of Jim Roberts, a charismatic leader of a nomadic Bible-based ministry. Forsaking Harvard, family, career aspirations and all his possessions, he departed Harvard to join with a vagabond ministry that subsisted on food from supermarket dumpsters and fast-food restaurants.

This book captures the mind control processes that prolonged his departure from society, alienation from his family, his forced celibacy, and the rejection of all Christian churches outside this small ministry. Jim is careful to chronicle both the growth and the metamorphosis of his mindset as he isolates himself from society for ten-and-a-half years in order to be saved with a small remnant of end-time believers. Follow him from Harvard to the woods and finally back to his family, and experience it through his 20/400 vision. You will see why bright young people are sucked into cults, and how he eventually escaped.

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