Also called the "Illuminati," these Christian mystics practiced orgies and other taboo sex acts, believing it was impossible to sin after being united with God

1511 - 17th century

Image representing the Illuminati
The Alumbrados are often called the Illuminati, and have been associated with various conspiracy theories. However, they are just one of many groups with that name, and are not the main group that is associated with the Illuminati.

The Alumbrados were a mystic sect that believe it was possible to reach a state of perfection in which nothing was sinful. Their goal was to become so perfected that they lost their individuality and united with God. Once they reach this state, God controls all their actions, meaning everything they do is holy. This belief resulted in various antinomian practices, such as sexual orgies and refusing to pray or do good works. The inquisition targeted this group in the 16th century but was repeatedly revived through the next couple of centuries.

Religion: Christianity

Denomination: Mysticism

Founder: Isabel de la Cruz

Founded: Around 1511, but as early as 1492

Ended: Mid-17th century (one group existed in the 18th century)

Location: Spain

Also called: Illuminati; Illuminism; Aluminados; Alumbrados; Alumbradismo

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