The Endtimers

A doomsday cult that has been accused of maintaining extreme control over their members


Community worship center, which is famous for its large size and high cost, and is rumored to flip into an ark when the apocalypse comes

The Endtimers is a conservative Christian sect in Florida that Charles Meade started in 1984 as a college ministry. It soon became a significant movement, and 2,000 members moved to Florida to await the apocalypse. However, rumors began spreading about the church, resulting in negative press coverage and a five-year investigation by the FBI, but no charges were ever filed. After Meade died in 2010, his grandson took over as the leader and chose to make the focal point of the church "more about the message and not as much about the man." However, they still generally have the same practices, defend Meade's reputation, and claim that most rumors are false.

Today, this church continues, but with only a fraction of the members from previous years.

Religion: Christianity

Denomination: Fundamentalism

Founder: Charles Meade

Location: Lake City, FL, USA

Founded: 1984

Size: 1,700

Also called: Mountaintop Ministries Worldwide; Meade Ministries

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