The Body

A cult that caused the death of two children, believing it was the will of God

1982 - 2000

 “If something like this had been said a year and a half earlier, I would have said, ‘God doesn’t say stuff like that.’” 
-Jacques Robidoux (member, believed God told him to let his son die)

After Roland Robidoux and his followers left the Worldwide Church of God to start their own church, they slowly developed more radical views and eventually rejected everything in the outside world, including medical treatment. By 1999, they disregarded the Bible for the sake of divine revelation and caused the death of two children, believing it was God's will. These deaths drew the attention of local authorities, who removed the children from the church and prosecuted the members responsible.

Religion: Christianity

Denomination: Armstrongism

Founder: Roland Robidoux

Founded: 1982

Ended: 2000

Size: 40

Location: Attleboro, Massachusetts, US

Other Names: The Body; Attleboro Sect; Robidoux Sect

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