Pantheistic Christians who believed that they could become sinless and were free to engage in any sexual act

Early 13th century

Painting of the Amalricians being persecuted

Painting of the Amalricians being persecuted

The Amalricians were followers of Amalric of Bene, who was accused of pantheism and antinomianism and forced to recant his beliefs. He had approximately 14 followers who believed it was possible to reach perfection and become sinless, allowing them to reject the sacraments and engage in sexual sins. Most members were killed in 1210, with the last remaining members living in Troyes in 1221.

Religion: Christianity

Denomination: Other

Founder: Amaury de Beynes

Founded: end of 13th century

Ended: 1221

Size: 15

Location: France

Also called: Amaurians; Almaricans

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