A group of Filipino cults, whose members drink the blood of enemies, chop them into pieces, and amputate their own body parts as a test of faith

early 1980s - present

Tadtad is a collection of brutal cults in the Philippine anti-communist movement. Members murder their enemies, chop them into pieces to prevent them from becoming immortal, and even drink the blood of the people they have murdered. If one wishes to join, their faith must be so strong that they become immortal. Therefore, leaders use a large blade to hack potential converts' arms to see if they get chopped off. Even if a convert passes this test, though, they are expected to continue to slice their own flesh and stand in front of bullets as a constant test of their faith.

Religion: Christianity

Denomination: Syncretist

Founded: Early 1980s

Size: Thousands

Location: Philippines

Other names: Soldiers of Christ

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