GD Blankenship

A conspiracy theorist with a large following that was accused of trying to take over a small town

2020 - present

GD Blankenship is a conspiracy theorist from Nashville, TN that campaigns against vaccines and the New World Order. In 2020, he rented a house in St. Agatha, Maine, a small village right next to the Canadian border with a population of about 750 residents, and encouraged over 1,000 online followers to move in with him. Residents in St. Agatha feared a possible takeover by Blankenship and his followers and fought to prevent them from moving in. In the end, Blankenship was evicted and arrested for a prior warrant in Tennessee but has maintained a large following.

Religion: Christianity 

Denomination: Other 

Founder: Gary Blankenship

Founded: 2020

Location: St. Agatha, Maine, US 

Size: 3,000


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Message by Blankenship

Message by Blankenship