Jesus Christians

A Christian sect known for their radical protests

1981 - present

Jesus Christians in Manchester (October 2005)

The Jesus Christians are a small group of about 30, but they have made a significant presence in the media. In 1984, a member was imprisoned for burning money as an act of protest, which became the start of a series of highly publicized and controversial demonstrations. For the next 25 years, they donated kidneys to strangers, flogged each other, sent children into the desert with no money or provisions, cleaned the sewers of India, and conducted several other demonstrations, each with its own message. In addition, they also got into legal trouble on multiple occasions for various charges related to kidnapping, all of which were dropped.

In 2010, they announced that they were disbanding the movement. However, members continue promoting the same religious messages under various names.

Religion: Christianity 

Denomination: Evangelical

Founders: Dave and Cherry McKay

Founded: 1981

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Size: 28

Other names (and associated groups): Rappville Christians; A Voice in the Desert; End Time Survivors; Como Vivir Por Fe; Christians; The Medowie Christian Volunteers; Australian Christian Volunteers

Offshoot of: Children of God/The Family International

Two members with a 16-year-old that they were accused of kidnapping, sparking a nationwide search

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Documentary on Kidney donations and the Jesus Christians