Beta Dominion Xenophilia

A UFO cult that tried murdering opponents and believed that they could survive doomsday by talking to cats

1980s - 2001

Scott Caruthers (founder)

Beta Dominion Xenophilia was a cult founded by Scott Caruthers in the 1980s. Caruthers was a high school dropout who became relatively wealthy from starting his own business. However, he always had a reputation for making outrageous claims that were clearly false. By the turn of the century, these claims led to the creation of a cult in which members believed he was a space alien who could rescue them from the upcoming apocalypse by talking to cats.

After friends and family of cult members started trying to expose the cult to rescue their loved ones, the cult retaliated by hiring an assassin to murder their opponents. However, this plan was revealed before they could proceed, and the leaders were arrested for their involvement in the attempted murder-for-hire.

Religion: Other

Founder: Scott Caruthers

Founded: 1980s

Ended: 2001

Size: 10

Location: Carroll County, Maryland, United States

Also called: BDX

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