The Ant Hill Kids

Responsible for possibly the most extreme forms of abuse of any modern cult

1977 - 1989

Warning: This page contains graphic information regarding abuse that some readers might find disturbing

Roch Thériault, leader of the Ant Hill Kids cult
Leader Roch Thériault of the Ant Hill Kids

The Ant Hill Kids was a brutal cult founded by Roch Thériault, who was known for his cruel and sadistic treatment of his followers. His reign of terror began in the 1970s when he convinced a small group of people to abandon their posessions and follow him to a remote, isolated community in rural Quebec. Once he had them under his control, Thériault regulated every aspect of the Ant Hill Kid's lives, from what they ate and wore to how they thought and spoke. Members were forced to live in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions without access to proper medical care. On top of these unlivable conditions, children were beaten, starved, and forced to work long hours in the fields, while adults were sexually abused by Thériault, who claimed it was necessary for their spiritual development. Yet, this is only the tip of the iceberg, as Thériault inflicted even worse instances of horrific abuse, detailed below.

Members of the Ant Hill Kids cult were afraid to leave the compound, as Thériault convinced them that they would be killed and would lose their salvation. However, in 1989, one of the cult members managed to escape and alert the authorities. Police raided the property and found dozens of abused individuals, many of whom were children. Thériault was arrested and charged with multiple counts of assault, sexual assault, and unlawful confinement, due to his treatment of members of the Ant Hill Kids cult. He was eventually convicted of multiple charges and sentenced to life in prison. After 17 years of imprisonment, he was stabbed to death by his cellmate.

The Ant Hill Kids cult is a chilling reminder of how easily individuals can be manipulated and controlled when they trust a leader without question. It also shines a light on the power of one individual to speak out and bring about change, as it was the bravery of one member who managed to escape and alert the authorities, which ultimately led to the downfall of the cult and the imprisonment of its leader.

Religion: Christianity

Denomination: Adventist

Founder: Roch Thériault

Founded: 1977

Ended: 1989

Location: Burnt River, Ontario, Canada

Size: Nearly 40 members by the 1980s

Also called: Holy Moses Mountain Family

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