Church of Sacrifice

Small church that performed up to 35 human sacrifices in an attempt to become immortal

early 20th century

Clementine Barnabet, a leader in the Church of Sacrifice
Clementine Barnabet

In the early 1900s, Clementine Barnabet joined the Church of Sacrifice and quickly rose through the ranks to become their high priestess. In a quest for immortality, she believed that the key to everlasting life was through human sacrifice, so she began her killing spree at the young age of 15. But unlike other murderers who targeted individuals, she took it one step further. Her victims were entire families, including children, so that she could spare them the misery of growing up as orphans.

Local residents remained shrouded in fear as the killings continued for years without explanation. Even after Barnabet was finally caught and thrown into jail, her loyal followers continued to carry out her deeds on her behalf. Overall, she admitted to a staggering 35 murders over just a few short years, and no one knows how many additional killings were carried out by her followers.

In 1923, Barnabet managed to slip out of jail, leaving behind nothing but a trail of unanswered questions. The mystery of her disappearance only added to the legend of her infamy, and to this day, no one knows what became of her.

Religion: Voodoo; Christianity

Denomination: Syncretist

Leader: Rev. King Harris (some accounts call him "King Harrison")

Founded: exact date unknown; events described here took place in the early 20th century

Location: Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

Offshoot of: Christ's Sanctified Holy Church

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