The Work (Brother Julius)

A wealthy cult that chopped the leader into pieces, believing it was the will of God

1970 - present

Brother Julius Schacknow, founder of the Work

"I'm your creator and I've come to punish the world for their sins, for their ungodliness, their crookedness, breaking my commandments.... You are interviewing Jesus, who has returned like a thief in the night."

-Brother Julius (founder)

The Work is an abusive cult with a morbid history. Founded by Brother Julius Schacknow in 1970, the cult grew rapidly, building a business empire with over $100 million in annual revenue. But as the empire began to crumble in the late 1980s, The Work took a dark and radical turn. After Brother Julius declared to his followers that he must sin in order to understand it, he forced women to share their husbands and reportedly abused innocent children in the name of God. To make matters worse, those who tried to leave were met with threats and intimidation, plunging Julius' followers into a terrifying abyss of fear and oppression.

After Brother Julius died in 1996, the cult found a new leader in Paul Sweetman. However, he too was corrupt. After he was sentenced to prison for bank fraud and released in 2004, he vanished under mysterious circumstances and the case remained unsolved for years.

But then, a shocking discovery was made. In 2016, DNA testing proved that a human leg found on a golf course belonged to Sweetman. But the truth was more horrifying than anyone could have imagined. Two members of The Work had brutally bludgeoned Sweetman, placed him in a freezer while he was still alive, and later dismembered him, all because they believed it was what God wanted.

The perpetrators are either dead or in prison, but The Work lives on. Its twisted legacy continues to haunt those who dare to uncover its dark secrets and serves as a chilling reminder that even cult leaders are not immune to the brutality of their deluded followers.

Religion: Christianity

Denomination: Other

Founder: Julius Schacknow ("Brother Julius")

Founded: 1970

Size: 300 at peak; 75-100 currently

Location: Madrid, Connecticut, US

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Investigative documentary on the cult