Christian Gospel Mission (Providence)

An international cult that has tricked hundreds of women into having sex with the leader in exchange for salvation


Jung Myung-seok (founder)

Christian Gospel Mission, also called Providence, was founded in 1980 by Jung Myung-seok, a charismatic South Korean pastor who promised to deliver salvation to his followers. However, this church soon became the epicenter of one of the most shocking religious scandals in recent years.

Jung claimed to be the second coming of Jesus, and his followers believed him without question. His message was simple: the end times were upon us, and only those who were part of his church would be saved. But as the church grew, so did the rumors of misconduct and abuse.

As over one hundred members came forward to reveal Jung had sexually abused them, investigations revealed that the organization had been recruiting women based on their looks and that Juan had hand-picked up to a thousand women to be groomed for sexual exploitation.

Despite the mounting evidence against him, Jung managed to evade authorities and flee the country, becoming the subject of an international search. For eight long years, he remained on the run, continuing to lead his followers from the shadows.

But justice eventually caught up with him, and Jung was captured and sentenced to prison for his crimes. He spent years behind bars, but eventually, he was released and allowed to walk free once again. However, in 2023, he was sentenced to an additional 23 years in prison

Today, Jung continues to have a massive following, despite the horrific allegations that have been leveled against him. His church still operates in countries around the world, and many of his followers remain steadfast in their devotion to him.

Religion: Christianity

Denomination: Methodist

Founder : Jung Myung-seok

Founded: 1980 in Seoul, South Korea

Location: International: South Korea; Australia; Hong Kong; Japan; New Zealand; Taiwan; United States

Size: Hundreds of thousands (rough estimate)

Offshoot of: Unification Church (Moonies)

Also called: Providence; Jesus Morning Star (JMS); Setsuri ("Providence" in Japanese); International Christian Association (ICA), the Morning Star Church (MS Church); the Bright Moon Church; Ae-chun Church (애천교회); Providence Church; Jesus Morning Star (JMS); Nak-seong-dae Church; Seoul Church

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